What to Do When You’re Getting Hot and Cold Spots in Your House

Causes of Hot and Cold Spots in Your House

“There are hot and cold spots in my house!”

This is never a fun realization to come across. Sometimes, it’s like most of your house is the perfect temperature, and then there’s that one room where you feel like you’re freezing to death. Either that, or it’s burning up instead. What causes these cold and hot spots, and how can you correct them? Service HQ is here to help.

In the content below, let’s review the reasons why these cold and hot spots may arise and how you can resolve the problem. That way, you can enjoy a uniform temperature all throughout your home or business.

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Problems with Airflow

In many cases, hot and cold spots signify a problem with airflow. When air isn’t flowing properly, it can mean that warm or cool air you want circulating through your home just…isn’t. This can cause a temperature imbalance throughout your home or business fast. Potential causes of poor airflow in your HVAC system include:

  • Blocked Vents
  • Dirty Filters or Coils
  • Refrigerant Running Out
  • Blocked or Broken Fan
  • Clogged Ducts

Check your HVAC system and maintain it in order to figure out which of these causes may apply. We recommend our AC maintenance and heating maintenance when you’re in a pinch and aren’t sure where to start.

Poor insulation that causes hot/cold spots

Poor Sealing and Insulation

Sometimes, the cause of hot and cold spots isn’t the HVAC system, but instead a problem with the building. After all, any HVAC system needs a structure to trap in that desired temperature. As you investigate the hot and cold spots in your house, keep an eye out for the following:

  • Do you feel a cold draft when you’re near a door or a window? The problem may be with a busted seal. Double-check to ensure these seals are intact, and if not, work out a replacement.
  • Good insulation is necessary to keep a building toasty, especially during the winter. However, there’s always the chance your home isn’t insulated enough. It might be good to check.
  • Other factors that may cause temperature imbalances throughout your house include the amount of sunlight that shines in, whether the fans are running, the number of windows, etc.
house with zoning system

Consider HVAC Zoning

When you have checked for all the issues listed above and found no problems, what are you supposed to do? Simply live with hot and cold spaces in your home? An option worth considering is HVAC zoning. But what is HVAC zoning?

  • HVAC zoning allows you to divide your home or business into “zones” and then set the temperatures of each of these zones individually.
  • For example, rooms with more windows and more sunlight shining into them can be set to be cooler than rooms without windows.
  • Conversely, rooms that get too cold, such as furbished basements, can receive a few additional degrees of heat to help stave off the winter months.


It’s not always easy to self-diagnose the cause of cold and hot spots. Sometimes, you may think you’ve isolated the problem only to discover that it’s not quite over yet. Don’t give up, and don’t let the neighbors hear you shouting about “hot spots in my house”, either.

When you need extra help finding the root of the problem, contact us for additional assistance. We provide many HVAC services in Wichita and other nearby service areas.


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