The Cost of R-410A Freon

R-410A Price Per Pound Installed: How Much Is It?

Greetings from Service HQ! If you’re here, you want to know the cost of R-410A refrigerant, but it’s important to understand what exactly it is first. R-410A refrigerant is a cleaner, a more eco-friendly type of refrigerant that serves as a replacement for the comparatively more harmful R-22 Freon that air conditioners used to rely on.

As R-22 Freon releases chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) into the atmosphere, which degrades the planet’s ever-important ozone layer, phasing it out became urgent. As such, R-410A refrigerant was developed as a safer, cleaner alternative, and remains legal to manufacture and use in the USA.

Nowadays, if you use an air conditioner, it almost certainly uses R-410A refrigerant. However, this refrigerant isn’t immortal and will eventually need to be replaced or refilled.

Aircon and Heaters

Why R-410A?

Ensuring your air conditioner has enough refrigerant is important for many reasons:

  • It’s a necessary component in absorbing heat from your home and cooling it back down.
  • When refrigerant runs low, your AC unit can freeze over and begin leaking as ice melts.
  • Furthermore, your AC unit could create excess noise or cease to function altogether.
Air conditioner leaking water

Our R-410A Cost Guide

The R-410A Freon cost per pound installed is a crucial factor in the final bill for a refrigerant refill, but labor is an important factor in determining the price, too.

Why? Because a trusted HVAC professional should be handling refrigerant, as it can be dangerous if spilled, installed incorrectly, or otherwise mishandled by a novice or “do-it-yourselfer”.

R-410A Price Per Pound Installed 2021

  • Service HQ streamlines pricing by including material costs and labor costs into one easy number.
  • We offer the first three pounds of R-410A refrigerant for $390.
  • Afterwards, every additional pound of R-410A refrigerant will cost an additional $150.
HVAC service professional

Need a Refill?

Now that you know the cost, you can make an informed decision on how much refrigerant you need and when you’ll need to make an appointment.

Service HQ provides air conditioning services near you, including maintenance, so when you need more Freon, we’ll be there in a jiffy.

Book an appointment with your local HVAC pros.

Still Using R-22?

Because R-22 Freon is no longer legal to manufacture in the United States, all R-22 Freon must be imported from other countries. This is why the prices of R-22 Freon are always more expensive than that of R-410A. Not only does it cost more, but it also actively harms our environment and the ozone layer, too.

For the good of our planet—and your wallet—it may be time to invest in an air conditioner that uses R-410A refrigerant instead. Fortunately, when you need AC installation,  we’re there to help. We service Wichita and the nearby areas, and we’re ready to assist you next.


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