Common Home Split Level AC Unit Problems

So you’ve recently installed a split level AC, or a ductless mini-split AC, in your home. For a while, it seemed all was well… but after some time, you began to notice some problems. Some rooms seem to stay hot. Others seem to stay cold. Sometimes, your split level AC unit seems to be making a lot of noise, too.

If you’re looking to resolve your split level home AC problems, then this is the right guide for you! Service HQ is the home of the best HVAC pros in the Wichita area, and here, we’ll share some of our knowledge with you so you can hopefully get to the bottom of your air conditioning dilemmas.

In this guide, let’s go over various causes of different malfunctions and failures in split level air conditioning units.

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Split Level AC Installation Gone Wrong?

Split level heating and cooling is oftentimes much more versatile than what you can get with central air conditioning using ducts. Why? Well, it’s because split level AC can generally be installed in any room of your house, and they can be set to different temperatures, too. It’s a great choice for when you need various different temperatures in various different rooms.

However, you might encounter some problems, such as…

  • Some rooms are too hot or too cold, and adjusting the AC temperature doesn’t change much.
  • It feels like there is little to no air flow coming from your AC units.
  • The units are creating an alarming amount of noise, perhaps even disturbing your sleep.

Let’s get to the bottom of these split level home AC problems together.

Too Hot and Too Cold Rooms

It’s worth your time to check for any openings to the outside world. Perhaps your windows and doors aren’t sealed correctly, causing indoor temperatures to be uncomfortable.

If everything seems sealed tightly, then the culprit may be the AC unit itself. In that case, advance to the troubleshooting section below to learn more.

Poor Air Flow

Sometimes, it’s like your air conditioning unit is slacking on the job. It used to blow out hot or cold air with such gusto, but nowadays? It’s like it’s barely puffing anything out at all.

Simply put, it’s apparent that your AC unit has “gotten sick”. Don’t worry, we can diagnose the problem together. Just look towards the troubleshooting section below.

Lots of Noise

What’s the best noise level in split AC units? Probably not a loud, obnoxious rattle or churn, but sometimes, that might be exactly what you hear. What’s going on?

Sounds like some parts have gotten loose, or perhaps the unit has become stuffed up with debris. Fortunately, this can be fixed. Just check out the troubleshooting section below.

Troubleshooting Split Level HVAC Systems

When troubleshooting split level air conditioning, you have both your outdoor compressor and your indoor units to consider. Look for signs of damage, which include any sort of leakage and unusual noise. Once you think you’ve identified the source of the problem, refer to the following sections to determine what’s going on.


Sometimes, it’s as simple as something getting in the way, and you just have to move it.

  • Your outdoor compressor may have become blocked or clogged with debris, such as leaves, grass, etc. Try cleaning it up.
  • Perhaps you’ve accidentally obstructed your indoor units with shelving, cabinets, or some other sort of furniture.
  • Make sure no physical objects are obstructing air flow and see if incorrect temperatures around the house resolve themselves.

Soiled Filter

When a filter becomes filled with particulates, it stops being as effective. A change might be due.

  • Your AC unit’s filter stops large particulates, including allergens, dust, and dirt, from circulating throughout your house.
  • Take a look at your AC’s filter and see how dirty it is. If it looks rough, it may be time to invest in a filter change.
  • Swap out the old filter for a new one and see how your air conditioner performs afterwards. Do you feel an improvement?

Malfunctioning Coil

Coils that are seldom checked on might develop problems that reduces AC performance.

  • When an AC unit’s coil becomes dirty, it has much more difficulty cooling the air that flows into your home.
  • A dirty filter can also cause your AC unit’s coil to freeze, meaning two things can go wrong at once. How troubling!
  • Clean your AC unit’s coil, and if necessary, replace your filter as listed prior in this section. Then, check for performance changes.

Interior Damage

When parts deteriorate, they can raise a racket, which quickly becomes obnoxious.

  • We recommend checking for loosely attached parts, parts that have become dirty, or parts that have become damaged.
  • As you discover “problem parts”, take immediate corrective action: tighten, clean, or replace as necessary.
  • An AC unit with all its parts working correctly shouldn’t shriek or squeal. Ensure no more strange sounds are being made.

Service HQ is Here to Help

Though you may not realize it at first, air conditioning is a really nuanced topic. And, there’s a lot of different ways an air conditioner can go wrong. It’s an unfortunate reality, but it’s a reality worth facing if it means you have to deal with uncomfortable temperatures at home.

Obviously, we can’t include the ins and outs of every glitch that can happen with your split level air conditioning unit. If this guide isn’t enough, we urge you to reach out to Service HQ with any questions you might have. If the worst comes to the worst, you can count on us for the maintenance and repair services that you need.

Best of luck!


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