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What Is a Ductless AC?

Ductless AC unit compressors

As opposed to traditional HVAC units, ductless ACs, also known as split level units or mini splits,” are exactly what they sound like–AC units without all that pesky ductwork! Available in a variety of styles and sizes, ductless ACs are perfect for heating and cooling a single room or for updating a home’s AC system without having to tear out the walls or compromise on energy efficiency.

Here at Service HQ, we know all there is to know about ductless ACs, and we are happy to share our knowledge with you! When you get in touch with us, we will work with you to select your preferred mini split and even install it for you. We offer same and next-day availability, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

The Advantages of a Ductless AC

  • Versatility–ductless HVAC systems can be used for a variety of situations, including single rooms or whole homes.
  • Energy efficiency–split level units can be turned up or down without wasting electricity on compressor startup, unlike traditional HVAC systems.
  • Eco-friendliness–by using less energy, ductless units rely less on fossil fuels such as coal, helping to save the environment.
  • Less noise and visibility–ductless ACs are virtually unnoticeable!
  • Less vulnerable to air leakage and security problems–compared to a window AC unit, a mini split doesn’t require your window to be opened! This makes your home safer and increases the efficiency of your system.
  • Responsiveness–compared to a traditional HVAC unit, a ductless AC turns on immediately, reducing lag time. What’s more, most split level units can be operated using a remote!

Which AC Unit Is Right for You?

man cleaning vents

Ductless ACs

Low upfront cost

Energy efficient

Quiet and hidden

Easy to install

Does not compromise home security

Requires constant cleaning

row of HVAC air units

Traditional HVAC Units

High upfront cost

Less energy efficient

Practically invisible

Difficult to install

Does not compromise home security

Requires occasional cleaning

Building full of window AC units

Window AC Units

Extremely affordable

Energy efficient

A bit of an eyesore

Extremely easy to install

Compromises home security

Requires constant cleaning

When Do I Need a Ductless AC?

Single Rooms & Home Add-Ons
Homes with No Preexisting Ductwork
Creating Independent Temperature Zones
Rooms That Aren’t Used Often
Rooms That Are Exposed to Fumes & Chemicals

Single Rooms & Home Add-OnsLiving Room

If you’re a home DIY enthusiast or recently had a room added to your home, one of the things you need to consider is how you’re going to heat and cool that new room. You could spend a lot of money having a traditional HVAC system installed in your new room, but you may find that your existing compressor doesn’t run as well with all that added strain. That’s because your old system wasn’t designed to handle that many rooms!

Rather than spending a small fortune installing a complicated HVAC system and a new outdoor compressor, one way that many homeowners choose to address the heating and cooling challenges presented by a new room is to install a ductless AC unit. A mini split is specially designed to address the temperature needs of an individual room, and its relatively low startup cost makes it ideal. You can trust the professionals at Service HQ to help you find and install your very own ductless unit for your home add-on.

Homes with No Preexisting DuctworkOld house that needs ductless AC

Did you know that many American homes are so old that they were built before the invention of central AC? Whether you’re inheriting a home from your parents or are simply ready to live life on the farm, the challenges of retrofitting an HVAC system onto an old home can seem daunting.

Why spend piles of cash on installing a complex HVAC system in your old home when you could be going ductless? Service HQ will work with you to select your ductless AC units, installing one in each room. One of the benefits you’ll notice right away is that you can fine-tune the temperature of each room, since a ductless system is equipped to meet the individual heating and cooling needs of each space!

Creating Independent Temperature Zonestemperature zones in a house

Everyone knows this age-old struggle–one member of a family prefers the thermostat at 68°F, while another likes to keep it at 70°F. One person likes to keep the AC off during parts of the day, while others can’t stand to be blasted with too much heat. Situations like these challenge families on a daily basis, since no one can agree on the same temperature.

With a traditional HVAC system, the most you can do to alter the temperature of a single room is to close the duct vents, but this creates a problem in itself, encouraging the buildup of airborne particles. By installing ductless AC units throughout your home, you can control the temperature of individual rooms at the touch of a button! This is ideal for large families, as well as for rooms that always seem to be too hot or too cold, such as a kitchen or drafty bedroom.

Rooms That Aren’t Used OftenMan turning on ductless AC unit

Just about any homeowner has a room or two that they don’t use very often. Whether it’s a garage, a home studio, a bonus room, or even a guest room, you could be wasting a lot of energy and money trying to heat and cool that room all the time.

By far, the best solution for this problem is to install a ductless AC unit. Since mini splits can easily be turned off and on at a moment’s notice, you can heat and cool a specific room of your choosing when you want to, increasing your home’s energy efficiency and saving you money on electricity bills. Service HQ can help you select the right split level unit for your room’s individual needs and install it for you!

Rooms That Are Exposed to Fumes & Chemicals

Man staining a wood table

Everyone has a hobby! Some people like to paint, while others would prefer to convert their garage into a woodworking studio or cigar lounge. As you’ve probably guessed, hobbies like these involve harmful fumes and chemicals that can end up in your AC ducts! Who wants that?

Luckily for you, installing a ductless AC can help you address that problem! If you have a room in your home that is routinely exposed to harmful chemicals and fumes that you don’t want to end up in your ducts, a mini split can be the tool you need to heat and cool that room without having to install traditional ductwork. Service HQ can help you pick out your unit and will even install it for you!

Which Ductless AC Should I Go With?

Mitsubishi Electric

Service HQ is your go-to team of professionals for HVAC services in Wichita. We offer a range of mini split units by Mitsubishi. If you’re in need of other HVAC products, we have you covered! If you’re ready to get started on your appointment, simply call us or visit our Contact Us page.

What Does It Mean to Be a Diamond Dealer?

When it comes to Mitsubishi-brand ductless ACs, Service HQ is a Diamond Dealer. Because of this, when you order your ductless unit from us, we will offer you a 12-year warranty on your compressor. That’s 2 years more than our competition can offer!

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Yes You couldn’t meet a nicer, friendly service person than Juan.Your company has great folks. I was very impressed with the professionalism display by the two people I contacted at your company. Who were Juan and Carli. I’m extremely satisfied with my experience and would recommend this company to anybody. And also very happy I will be buying a new air conditioner. Well done folks.
David Jewell
David Jewell
I had Service HQ install a new air conditioner last June and everyone that I encountered was very professional and personable. They answered all of my questions with knowledge and grace. I had my air conditioner serviced this week for it's yearly maintenance and Juan was so nice. He was professional and explained everything he did. I feel this company really cares about their customers .
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sheri warner
Always great service! Gage serviced our HVAC system. Seth worked on a plumbing problem. Both were courteous, well mannered and knowledgeable. Both deserve 5 star ratings!
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Barb Phillips
I was notified when the Tech (Juan) would be arriving, and he was right on time. Juan was very professional and knowledgeable. He quickly figured out the problem, repaired it , checked out the operation of the system and made some suggestions about some parts that were currently working but may be getting close to failing due to the age of my system. Because of the savings on parts and service calls, I went ahead and purchased the annual service contract. This is my 3rd or 4th time using Service HQ and have always been pleased with their work. They may not be be the cheapest in town, but the quality of service and peace of mind is worth it.
Joe Fortmeyer
Joe Fortmeyer
I can't say enough good things about the quality of their customer service. Simply outstanding. Very professional, knowledgeable, courteous, punctual.Would give it a higher rating if you could give more than five stars.Thank you Mike, Juan, Gage, JR and crew for your hard work and excellent customer service. I would highly recommend this company for all HVAC and plumbing related issues you may have.
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Chris Sevier
We got off to a rocky start and it took awhile but finally got everything fixed today. We cannot tell you how we appreciate Michael(Jr). He is an awesome young man. He was not going to stop until he got it done, and he didn’t. A very knowledgeable young man. HQ is very Blessed to have him for a technician. He is a very valuable asset to your company. Everyone we talked from the ladies in the office, manager and technicians were very nice. We are very happy with the service and will recommend HQ to our friends and will call the next time we need something. Thank you, John and Pat
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Pat Bardin
Juan was super patient with all of our questions. He even took time to re-explain to my husband who arrived after Juan had already started. Everything was repaired. He offered advice for our potential future needs. Very friendly, professional and thorough! Thanks!!
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Rebecca Gobel
Very professional and answered any and all questions asked. The other gentleman I believe was whom the called pepper also very knowledgeable and professional. I believe the first day I met with a Mike who had discussed and sold us our Trane system was friendly and also very professional. Every person we have met and has worked with us has treated us with respect and professionalism. I appreciated they cleaned up everything when they were done. They have great sense of humors too. We enjoyed having them all and would recommend HQ Services.
Kurt Martinez
Kurt Martinez
Furnace went out overnight and Juan showed up the same morning and got our house heated back up real fast! Did an excellent job at explaining what had happened and walked me through all my available options. Extremely professional and I am very glad I chose them to put in our new units!
Kai Gallardo
Kai Gallardo
He kept us informed about his arrival time. I believe he was very thorough in checking our units. He cleaned up after himself. He went over everything he found and left the sheet with us. We currently have put it state relatives here for a family wedding. Will check back with you when they leave
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