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When to Service Your Furnace

Generally speaking, it’s good to have someone check in on your furnace about every year. Just like all of us, furnaces age and sometimes have “health problems”, which is why you take them to the furnace repair “doctors” for a little “checkup”.

Of course, sometimes, the damage is already done. Maybe the filter is clogged, or the fan isn’t functioning, but either way, that furnace isn’t pumping out heat anymore. Never fear. At Service HQ, we have what it takes to figure out the problem and administer a solution right away. Don’t hesitate to come to us for heating pump repair that’ll make things normal again.

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Heating Repair Services

No matter what problem your furnace is having, we’re ready to help you. On the day of your appointment, we’ll meet you out front, and you can guide us to the malfunctioning equipment. From there, we’ll crack it open and take a look inside. We’ll soon determine the cause of the failure and work to rectify it immediately.

Furnace failures are caused by all sorts of things. Filters filled with particles, a misbehaving thermostat, problems with the pilot control, and more…these are all dilemmas that need professional service to resolve. Fortunately, that’s why you have Service HQ!

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Same-Day Appointments

Sometimes, getting that furnace back up and running is urgent. You don’t have time to wait for an appointment all week… you need it as soon as possible! Fortunately, we have something for you. Our same-day and next-day appointments mean that you can have one of our repair technicians at your site as soon as today or tomorrow.

With Service HQ, you won’t have to sit in the cold for half of the winter before you get a solution. Instead, enjoy our heating repair services within a matter of hours!

Heating Repair Services by Service HQ

As we approach the colder seasons, keeping your home or business nice and toasty is more than important. Maybe your furnace is old enough to wind up in the Augusta Museum of History. Maybe it’s brand-new. However, if your furnace fails you in your time of need, you can get left in a truly chilling situation, no matter how old it is.

Never fear… with the assistance of Service HQ, you’ll get the heating repair you need fast! We’re the number-one providers of several HVAC services in the region, and we have the know-how to get that furnace functioning again. So don’t just sit there and suffer in the cold. Let us get to work, and before too long, you’ll feel the warmth once again. Call us or contact us online today.


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