Frequently Asked Questions About HVAC

What are the top HVAC brands?

There are many types of HVAC brands out there, but the two most trusted, reputable brands are Trane and Mitsubishi.

How much should HVAC cost?

Depending on your specific needs, the cost for HVAC services can vary. However, most HVAC jobs cost several thousands of dollars. This includes the cost for equipment, materials, and highly skilled labor. Rest assured that with Service HQ, your money will be well-spent!

What is the full meaning of HVAC?

“HVAC” stands for “Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning”. This broad term cvers a range of home comfort needs, including your air ducts, furnaces, air conditioning units, and much more.

Can you install HVAC yourself?

Many DIY enthusiasts install their own non-invasive HVAC equipment, such as split level units. However, most HVAC services can only be performed by a trained and licensed professional, such as Service HQ.

Why is HVAC so expensive?

There are a couple of reasons why HVAC services are so expensive, often costing thousands of dollars. The first reason is that heating and air conditioning units are often expensive, costing several thousands of dollars on their own. On top of that, you need a highly trained, licensed HVAC technician to perform the labor.

What is the difference between HVAC and AC?

“HVAC” is a catch-all term that stands for “Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning”. “AC”, on the otherhand, is an abbreviated version that stans for junk “Air Conditioning” or “Air Conditioner”.

Is Mitsubishi AC expensive?

Like all HVAC products, Mitsubishi air conditioners and heaters may seem somewhat expensive. However, any good HVAC technician will tell you that the quality of your HVAC system is important for longevity and savings. With a Mitsubishi AC, you won’t be replacing or repairing it nearly as often!

Is Trane AC expensive?

Just like with Mitsubishi, Trane HVAC products may seem expensive. However, they excell in quality and longevity, which means you won’t be wasting any money replacing or repairing Trane products over and over.