Everything You Need to Know About Freon

How much is refrigerant, or Freon? Well, it’s a complicated question. One of the first things worth considering is what exactly “Freon” is.

“Freon,” technically speaking, is a brand name for various types of refrigerants for air conditioning units. However, in the same way we call any sort of bandage a “Band-Aid,” we started referring to any refrigerant as “Freon.” There are two main varieties of refrigerant you should know about:

  1. R22 Refrigerant (Obsolete)
  2. R410A Refrigerant

Which Refrigerant Do I Choose?

You may ask, “So my unit needs Freon, but what type?” That depends on your model of air conditioner, but generally speaking, older models will use R22, while newer models will use R410A. That’s because the production and importing of R22 is no longer legal in the United States.

Due to the harmful nature of R22 to the planet’s ozone layer — with consequences such as intensified global warming and climate change — R22 has vastly fallen out of common use in favor of R410A. Continuing to use your R22-dependent air conditioning unit is legal. However, you must consider the following: would you like to use refrigerant that is better for the environment? And are you prepared to pay more for R22, which can only be obtained via recycling, meaning it will only become more and more expensive over time?

When determining where to buy Freon for home AC units, figure out the long-term savings of switching to R410A. A new air conditioner installation may be in order for you, if so.

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How Much is Refrigerant?

Okay, it’s time to talk money. How much does it cost to put Freon in a central air unit? Now that we’ve distinguished the two major types of Freon, let’s talk about prices.

How Much Per Pound of Freon?

  • R22 Freon: $90-$150/lb.
  • R410A Freon: $50-$80/lb.

How Much For a Full Refill?

  • R22 Freon: $180-$600/refill
  • R410A Freon: $100-$300/refill

As you can see, the average price of R22 is higher than R410A.

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Where Can You Buy Freon For Your Home AC?

When considering options for where to buy Freon, you way be wondering whether you can handle do-it-yourself Freon replacement or if you need a professional HVAC company to carry out the Freon replacement for you.

Why Not DIY Freon Replacement?

  • According to Section 608 of the Clean Air Act, only certified technicians can purchase Freon for home AC units.
  • Moreover, recharging a home AC unit is against the law without the right license and EPA-certified equipment.
  • Incorrect handling of Freon could result in costly legal consequences:
    • Fines of $10,000+
    • Criminal prosecution and prison time

Why Professional HVAC Services?

  • At Service HQ, we are certified to purchase, handle, and refill refrigerant in home AC units.
  • Avoid costly fines, prosecution, and damages to your AC unit and choose your local HVAC business!

All About Refrigerant Refills

Again, let’s make it abundantly clear: according to the EPA, the handling of refrigerants for air conditioning units can only be legally carried out by licensed professionals. Still, when should someone considering refilling their air conditioning unit? And how does the refilling process work? Read below to discover more.

When Do I Need a Refill?

Know the Signs

  • When your air conditioner stops doing its job, this may be a sign it needs a refrigerant refill.
  • For example, if the unit is blowing nothing but hot air and your house isn’t cooled at all, your unit may need a refrigerant refill.
  • You may find frost around your unit, such as on the evaporator coil or on the refrigerant lines.
  • Bubbling noises, water leakage, and an rise in your monthly power bill are all signs of low refrigerant levels.

The Refrigerant Refill Process

The Professional Process

  • After checking for leaks, an HVAC professional with obtain the correct variety of refrigerant for you before beginning your refill.
  • Protective gear is a must when handling refrigerants. This includes eyewear, gloves, and a respirator mask.
  • The HVAC professional will carefully connect the refrigerant tank and add refrigerant until the best sub-cooling temperature has been met.
  • Lastly, the professional will ensure that the newly added refrigerant is not leaking or otherwise escaping.

Service HQ: The Pros You Can Trust!

From heatinto plumbing, Service HQ is the locally-owned and operated HVAC business you can rely on. Our team has installed, maintained, and repaired air conditioning units throughout the Central Kansas area for years, and that includes Freon refills.

We are happy to help you refill your air conditioning unit with refrigerant, whether you need R410A or R22 varieties. Additionally, we are also on call for all your other air conditioning needs. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (316) 425-5098, as we’re always happy to hear from our potential clients.

Interested in more reading? Then learn the best way to choose a new AC unit in our previous blog post!


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